Anonymous asked: recommendations on finding an affordable/safe apt in philly? how did your apt hunt go and how much did you place cost? if you don't mind me asking :)

The apartment hunt was a little frustrating being 1000+ miles away. Lots of craigslist emails etc.

I lived in a 3 bedroom loft on the Penn campus with two other interns, we each paid $600 per month + utilities. If you are trying to live on just what you make from the internship, it can be really tight. My roommates all got other money from their parents and were totally fine but I kept a sharp budget all summer and never really had a ton of spending money.

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an-findings asked: Hello there! All of your posts are so beautiful and inspiring! I am anxiously preparing for URBN's intern day for an Anthropologie styling internship. Do you have any general advice based on your own experience from intern day? I'm so excited and I have everything down to thank you notes prepared but I'm afraid I'm overthinking it.

Hi there, I imagine you already interviewed!! Sorry about the delay, I don’t log into this account very often anymore! I am sure you did great!

01-07 / 16:06
Anonymous asked: I had a couple quick questions: any tips for how to structure your portfolio package (aka is it easier to bring one big portfolio, or smaller takeaways for the different interviewers), and what was your interview(s) like? Thanks!

I just took a small portfolio for them to look at, nothing to leave there. Other people made portfolios to give to the recruiters.

It’s all about personal preference and being true to yourself.

Good luck!

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You guys are all so awesome! So many recent followings!

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up, with in the next week I will be switching my blog over to “blogger” and changing the name. I will post a link once everything is up & running smoothly.

I’m not trying to desert anyone, just wanted a little bit more customizable format, a more professional platform, and I’m hoping my days of interning are waning. Ready for the real world (crosses fingers)

Talk soon,


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Late on the posting but I am ready to get caught up, here are some of the photos I shot when I had the Free People studio all to myself for a day.

© Britt Ernst

Instagram /// @britternst

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Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting. My internship at Free People came to a very bittersweet close on August 9th and I made the trip back to the midwest a few days later. Everything has been on fast forward since I’ve been back in Kansas City it seems like. I cannot believe I have been here nearly two months now! My senior year at the University of Missouri-Kansas City has been SO hectic, on top of that I have been shooting like crazy and working as a stylist at our Free People store.

I miss everyone at the studio so, so much. Everyday has been a huge adjustment back home, I never would have imagined coming back to my old life would be so difficult. Taking photos has been the only thing keeping my spirits up, there is just nothing like living out your dream. This summer was like nothing I could have imagined. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had and all of the AMAZING, incredibly talented people I came to know. It was all so silly, on the last day I went about thinking that no one even knew it was the last day I’d be there only to return from the daily coffee run to a tiny surprise party. Of course I burst into tears and could barely talk. It was a beautiful and terrible day haha, I don’t think I’ve hugged so many people so hard in my life. Just thinking back on it makes me all weepy.

That said, I am doing all that I can to finish school on a positive note, making the most of everyday, taking as many photos as possible. I cannot wait for May to come, more than that I cannot see where this road takes me.

I’ll keep updating you all on my adventures and posting my current work. I hope that you continue to follow me & see what happens next.

Thanks for the endless support & encouragement.


Photo above:

Model Emily Schulenberg

Kansas City, Missouri

© Britt Ernst

instagram @britternst

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whitewilderness asked: hi there! may i ask how one can apply for free people's internship program or if they're accepting international applicants who are not from the United States but have a visa? been a huge fan of the brand since waaaay back, free people blog is my daily newspaper and my dream is to someday work with them and not just be one of their international customers buying online. :)

Hey! I am not sure exactly what the process is but they definitely accept international applicants. Although he wasn’t from across the ocean, Urban Outfitters had a Canadian intern which is technically international. I had heard of former interns from England as well.

I believe if you go to the Free People website there is a link to click on the VERY bottom of the page it says “Work at Free People” under the heading “Explore” that should take you to not only real jobs but also internship opportunities. Check soon! I applied this time last year :)

Good luck!!!

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Anonymous asked: Hi Britt! I love your blog and the route you took with your life. I was wondering what you studied in university? What kind of courses you took? Thanks :)

Hey there, thank you so much! I will graduate from college in May with a degree in Journalism & Mass Communications. I took a few photography courses in high school. In college I took a digital photography class and a studio lighting class my sophomore year. I applied to the Photo Media program at the University of Kansas & they actually didn’t accept me into the program. It could have been a huge turning point, but I decided to stick with photography on my own path, teaching myself through trial and error. I think it worked out in the best way possible!

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chubbywubbygirl asked: Love your blog! How do you like working for freepeople? I'm currently trying to get a marketing or pr internship with them.

Thank you so much! I loved my internship at Free People. The atmosphere in building 25 is so beautiful and inspiring. I met so many talented, awesome people this summer. I definitely encourage you to apply for the program. Not only is the internship itself awesome, but they have designed the program so that you meet SO many other interns, there are all kinds of intern events throughout the summer, and most everyone found housing with other interns. Through all of that you are able to learn about other aspects of URBN. Inc. It is such a great experience! Good luck & thanks for following :)

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Finally got some film developed with all my photos from the URBN Summer Party! Last month everyone stepped out of the office early and out onto the dry dock for a huge party thrown by URBN Inc. in celebration of the finest season of them all. Not only was there Mister Softee as seen in the photos above, but also endless cocktails, seafood, a place to screen prints tee’s and totes, a zip line, photobooths, and a gelato stand. It’s safe to say we had an amazing time despite the swealtering heat. I’ll post the photobooth shots once I get them scanned.

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It happened again! My hands are back up on the Free People website modeling more stacked rings. The retouching department definitely photo-shopped out my tattoos though. What’s most funny about that is we shot my hands at this angle specifically so that my tattoos were showing…clearly no one filled them in on that detail. Regardless of the strange retouch job, for the most part the shot turned out pretty well. It was a blast to get out of the studio again and shoot with Ashley and Jess.  Perk of the photo internship 100%

08-16 / 19:06

Just a few random snaps from around the office. I am determined to have my own Free People chair one day.

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One of my favorite things that happens here at URBN Inc. is the Urbn Summer Market. Every other Wednesday the company brings various vendors into building 543 where employees can shop throughout the work day. Last week was awesome because Urban Renewal, one of the brands sold in Urban Outfitters, came in with a ton of reasonably priced vintage. I found a beautiful white lace vintage top for only $15 and had some AMAZING lavender, honey ice cream from Weckerly’s. If you know me at all you know I have an obsession with the lavender soda at Little Freshie in Kansas City, so this was the perfect treat to my homesick blues. There is one market left before I head home and I am hoping to find a few little trinkets for friends, we shall see.

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Finally got the opportunity to have the studio completely to myself, I’ll ve posting images from the shoot throughout the next week as I edit. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I had such a blast shooting with my friend Chelsi. I not only photographed but also styled the entire shoot and I am so proud of how the images turned out. Not ready to say goodbye to the studio or my team.

© Britt Ernst

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As my time in Philadelphia is dwindling I wanted to post some actual photographs of my sweet little West Philadelphia loft. Although living on the Penn campus is a bit off the beaten path in terms of where I have spent my free time, it has been perfect in all other aspects. Living on an Ivy league campus is just as pretty as you’d imagine it to be. Tons of old gorgeous houses, flowers and greenery absolutely everywhere, red brick side walks, delicious coffee shops at every other corner, and a rad little weekend farmers market.

I am so excited to come home and see my family and friends, but I will definitely miss this place. I was so lucky to find this gem of an apartment, the spiral staircase, fire escape to roof top hang outs, and creaky wood floors will be dearly missed.

I love you a little bit Philadelphia.

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